Company Report 2012-14

HertsCreation Company Report. June 2014


  1. Summary of Company Activity

Since its formation in October 2012, HertsCreation has been actively engaged in projects in Hertfordshire that benefit schools and the wider community and has gained project funding from local schools, teaching alliances and the Royal Opera House (ROH) Bridge. Details of our key funded projects are set out below:

i) The Hertfordshire Young Cultural Ambassadors (YCA) Programme. This pilot programme is funded by ROH Bridge and the contract for it was won by HertsCreation in December 2012. We now work with over 60 YCAs across 6 schools in Hertfordshire. The programme is designed to encourage young people to create greater engagement in arts and cultural activities and increase links between schools and arts organisations in Hertfordshire. HertsCreation involvement has been confirmed for a second operational year, the academic year 2014-2015.

This activity has seen new partnerships forged between schools and arts organisations and a celebration event will be held on July 8, 2014 with open invitation to Hertfordshire schools and arts organisations.

ii) We have created two creative learning projects (2012-13 and in the academic year 2013-14) for our lead school, Woolenwick Infants and Nursery, Stevenage designed to improve teaching and learning. The last project has been run with story-teller, Danyah Miller. Both of these projects have documented evidence in improvements in pupil learning. The last project also offered a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) session which was attended by over 40 teaching professionals from the county. A further spin-off CPD project has been run for the Bridge Road Children’s Centre Stevenage, with Danyah Miller in June 2014.

iii) For the Wroxham Transformative Teaching Alliance (administered by Wroxham Primary School, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire), we have led teacher training in developing skills of creative leadership (May 2013) and in developing approaches to the new primary art curriculum (May 2014).  A further development day is scheduled for September 2015.

iv) We have led a programme of research for Broxbourne Council and ROH Bridge to investigate multi-agency approaches to cultural skills provision for 14 – 19 year old young people not in education or employment (NEETs). This has involved consultations and workshops for a wide range of local organisations, including YArt, Waltham Cross.

Additional company activity:

–      Grant applications led for Greenside Special School, Stevenage

–      Grant applications for Woolenwick Primary School

–      Attendance at meetings of the Hertfordshire Arts Partnership and Creative Hertfordshire

–      Additional meetings with Hertfordshire community organisations: Community Action Dacorum, Dacorum Learning Partnership, Stevenage Borough Council, Broxbourne Borough Council, YArt Broxbourne,  Arts Council England East consultation meetings; Hertfordshire Music Service.

–      Consultation with Hatfield Community Primary School to develop CPD in Autumn 2014.

  1. Consultations with Person’s affected by the company’s activities

HertsCreation leads evaluation with all of participants after project activity. We have also co-designed all our projects to include consultation with all partners, e.g. on the YCA Programme, as project managers we attend steering group meetings with partners who include representatives of local teaching alliances, and senior staff members of museums, libraries and local arts education departments. The YCA programme is also led by teachers and young people and we consult with them on a regular basis.

We are currently developing a business plan through a structure which examines our shared practice across the range of our company activity, for completion in Autumn 2014.

  1. Details of Directors’ Remuneration

Full details of directors’ remuneration are set out in company accounts.

At our AGM on August 2nd, 2013, all payments were reviewed and discussed in relation to CIC governance. Formal approval was minuted of all payments made to Directors, including all payments made by Co-Director, Alex McIntyre who is signatory for the company’s bank account. All subsequent payments have been agreed by email and at company development meetings.

  1. Other Financial Information

No transfers of assets have been made to the company. No dividend or share structure is in operation.

  1. Company Procedures – Notes from AGM.

At our AGM In September the following proposals were adopted:

–      intention to set up an operational business plan in 2014

–      we are working to adoption of PQASSO standards in our documentation and our structures and systems. This includes: using standard project planning, consultation and evaluation forms and storing these and other key documents on a shared Google Drive. Standard evaluation and consultation forms and child protection procedures have now been adopted (June 2014). These systems will be reviewed at our next AGM in August, 2014.

This report has been agreed by Co-Directors.


Martin Heaney

Alex McIntyre