Developing Creative Leadership Skills- Wroxham TLA

HertsCreation offered a one day CPD Workshop for teachers and staff of the WroxhamTransformative Learning Alliance, 23rd May 2013.

channeling undestandingIn this workshop, HertsCreation offered a ‘Lab’ or reflective space where all participants explored their understandings of leadership through structured activities designed to stimulate new thinking on
personal and professional capacities and skills.

Activities were designed to explore the relationships and personal connections between curiosity, risk, creativity and enjoyment, which underpin attitudes to leadership and initiating change.

As stimulus, we offered case studies and inputs from our recent primary school interventions where teachers have led experimental projects linked to programmes of whole school change. We also presented recent examples of work in the UK and Scandinavian countries which focused on the development of entrepreneurial leadership skills in schools.

Activities in the afternoon were designed to facilitate participants planning how to
apply new understandings and aspirations of individual leadership within individual school contexts.

Here are some participant feedback comments:

‘Really fantastic day exploring leadership. Very empowering session with great opportunities for considering how to apply these skills in our own context’. Claire Williams. Kenilworth Primary School

‘Thank you so much. This was described in the distributed information as a ‘lab’. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I thoroughly enjoyed how it worked. Everyone was kept busy and active and the space was used very well.’ Michael Cano, Head Teacher, Purwell School.

‘Extremely worthwhile. Loved the amount of time given for relating for reflection and relating things to people’s individual schools. Have some great memory resources / plans to take away with me – thank you!’