Continuing Professional Development

Tailor-made CPD

HertsCreation offer bespoke continuing professional development and training for teachers. We work with schools to create one day creative and experiential training packages to meet your specific requirements.  Subject to an initial consultation, these may be planned with you as stand-alone days or may coincide with the launch of a creative learning programme within your school or community.

One-day CPD Programmes

HertsCreation offer a number of existing one day training packages, including offers from our artists.

Developing Creative Leadership Skills

HertsCreation offers a  ‘Lab’ or reflective space where all workshop participants can explore their understandings of leadership through structured activities designed to stimulate new thinking on personal and professional capacities and skills. School leaders will:

  • Explore the relationships and personal connections between curiosity, risk, creativity and enjoyment that underpin attitudes to leadership and  initiating change.
  • Plan how to apply new understandings and aspirations of individual leadership within specific school contexts.

HertsCreation  will offer case studies and inputs from our recent primary school interventions where teachers have led experimental projects linked to programmes of whole school change. We first ran this workshop for the Wroxham Teaching Alliance in May 2013. Here are some participant feedback comments:

‘Really fantastic day exploring leadership. Very empowering session with great opportunities for considering how to apply these skills in our own context’. Claire Williams. Kenilworth Primary School

‘Thank you so much. This was described in the distributed information as a ‘lab’. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I thoroughly enjoyed how it worked. Everyone was kept busy and active and the space was used very well.’ Michael Cano, Head Teacher, Purwell School.

‘Extremely worthwhile. Loved the amount of time given for relating for reflection and relating things to people’s individual schools. Have some great memory resources / plans to take away with me – thank you!’


Whole School CPD on Developing Creative Approaches to Transforming Pupil Learning Environments 

‘How can small changes in our environment provoke a cycle of engagement and interaction?’

HertsCreation offers CPD designed to:

  •  Encourage staff to identify their own creative skills and how they may reapply them
  •  Identify opportunities to transform learning environments and approaches to learning
  • Discover creative strategies to support and develop existing curriculum delivery

Our approach allows staff to explore their own and pupil creativity through playfulness and structured activity leading to planning for specific interventions (which may include working with a creative practitioner).

We support planning for creative learning through enquiry-led activity. We work with staff to:

  • Identify small steps towards whole-school change
  • Develop partnership working and teacher initiative and leadership potential.

This CPD day can lead to a bespoke Creative Learning project or Creative Agent support for teacher-led activity.

In Heart and Mind – A Storytelling Masterclass delivered by Associate Artist, Danyah Miller (Wizard Presents) 

For all those who are involved and working with children (Primary Age) including:

  • Head Teachers, teachers, TA’s and support staff and parent governors
  • All adults who are helping young people to strengthen their imaginations and thereby advance their literacy skills

Since the dawn of time, young children the world over have called enthusiastically, ‘Tell me a story’.

Storytelling with children

  • Strengthens the imagination
  • Helps to build literacy skills and a love of language, reading and writing
  • Positively impacts on listening, concentration and memory
  • Aids confidence, public speaking and team building

During the CPD you will participate in a range of interactive storytelling activities, giving you the opportunity to develop and enhance your own storytelling skills.  The majority of teachers work with story all day long, some of the skills and techniques explored during this Masterclass may bring to the fore ideas and techniques already being used, others will offer a chance for teachers to explore their own unique storytelling voice and inspire more risk taking.  You will be offered inspiring ideas to use with children in your care.  Often teachers find that working in this way gives them the confidence they need to develop their practice.

Children find you inspirational. Your sessions are having a significant impact.  If I could I’d offer you a full-time job as our resident story-teller.  Children’s writing would soar through the roof. – Head Teacher, Sunnymede Junior School

Poetry Primer – Delivered by Associate Artist, Vicky Wilson.

The workshops use a series of different strategies including drama, pictures, outdoor learning, kinesthetic learning and mind mapping to inspire pupils to write poetry that makes use of the key poetic devices of alliteration, onomatopoeia, simile, metaphor, shape, personification, repetition and rhyme. The rich range of poetry the pupils are introduced to and the inspiring activities that proceed from the writing ensure that the workshops stretch more able pupils as well as elicit unparalleled amounts of writing from reluctant writers. The strategies the children learn are easily transferable to other forms of writing so most participants see their writing level rise across the board.

Poetry can be intimidating for teachers, and Vicky, a professional poet with several years’ experience in schools, provides writing strategies and an understanding of poetic form that takes the fear out of the subject.

‘I have really enjoyed the sessions and I have learned so much!’ Kathryn Brooks, Manor Primary

‘This has given me the confidence I needed. And I can see the effect on the children throughout their writing, with more able pupils using the strategies without me even recapping and reluctant writers suddenly becoming enthusiastic and losing their fear.’ Joanne Gulegoru, St Anthony’s Primary

3-D Art – Delivered by Associate Artist, Andy D’Cruz

Andy offers a range of workshops for primary and secondary schools in different art-forms, devised to support cross-curricular learning in literacy and numeracy or for bespoke project work.

Willow Construction is one popular example of Andy’s work. This versatile technique enables participants to create even large scale 3D sculptural forms cheaply and easily.  Projects allow participants to work individually and in teams to develop sculptural plans and drawings, and to realise them using an eco-friendly and low-tech methods and materials.

Participants are taught 3 basic joining techniques using willow and masking tape.  Once they are proficient in these they are taken step by step, through to the making of their own form, be it a lantern, flower, or mask.  Alternatively groups can be guided through the process of constructing their one large form.  This could be a large scale tower such as a Fibonacci model. These techniques derives from a tradition of making for carnivals so they are perfectly suited for making objects for events and performances. Large scale, light weight forms can be made and easily carried, and if storage is short hung.

Practical INSET Training sessions are available to support this popular technique, as well as in project training where staff will develop the skills and techniques alongside the pupils.