Woolenwick Infants and Nursery School 2013-14

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HertsCreation’s Alex McIntyre has worked once again on a Creative Learning project with Woolenwick Infants and Nursery School during 2013-14, this time with lead practitioner Danyah Miller, Storyteller.

Our Project Question is:  How can we build, and develop, confidence in telling and writing through the craft of storytelling?

We aim:

For Staff to

– Develop an understanding of their ‘personal voice’ and confidence in sharing  ideas

– Continue to reflect on the creative process and identify personal skills and strengths.

– Develop storytelling skills and a deeper understanding of  creativity through storytelling.

– Share new skills and ideas with each other across the school

– Support each other in embedding new techniques, resources, games and activities that they learn from the storyteller

– Harness the potential of storytelling to lead into creative writing.

– Further embed the teaching sequence for writing

For children to

‐ Develop confidence to share their ideas with peers and adults

‐ Develop a greater range and richer use of language and vocabulary

‐ Develop storytelling and writing skills

‐ Review and correct their writing endeavours

The Project

Each year group had one delivery session modelled by Danyah; one week off; one week where staff co-delivered with Danyah and one week where staff lead the session and Danyah observed/ supported. This  quickly moved staff through a process of learning and supported them to develop confidence and competency in working with story.

All staff  attended three twilight insets.  The first two insets  worked with the art of verbal story telling and the final inset  explored the connection to writing and the written word. All staff  kept personal learning journals throughout and  completed an reflection sheet at the end of each session as a tool to aid the final project evaluation and report. Stories and images were  posted on class blogs to celebrate children’s learning and enable parental engagement and involvement. Parents were involved at the outset through a storytelling just for them,  at which they  met Danyah. This took place on 14 January.

Milestones and key dates-

– Launch of year: Yorkshire Sculpture park – staff visit to Yorkshire sculpture park facilitated by Alex McIntyre followed by visit to Early Learning Excellence Centre. Staff discussed art works to explore the concept of artistic merit as a subjective value judgement and recognition of different perspectives, languages and meaning making in relation to art and creativity.

– Planning twlight with project team

– 27 November and 4 December storytelling assembly and extended staff twilight

– Project delivery 14 January until 26 February

– 26 February Project celebration and sharing.

– 8 May Free CPD INSET Training lead by Staff and Danyah Miller for early years practitioners, teachers and staff from other schools.

Evaluation – Alex McIntyre worked with the lead school coordinator, Emma Hughes to write and compile an evaluation report based on session reflections, interviews with staff, children and practitioner and national curriculum levels.