Conference: Cultural Skills Provision for 14-19 Year Olds in Hertfordshire, Feb 7 2014


Yart Consultation workshop with Young People lead by HertsCreation and Socani, Autumn 2013

Yart Consultation workshop with Young People lead by HertsCreation and Socani, Autumn 2013

On February 7th, HertsCreation will be sharing the results of research funded by Broxbourne Council and Royal Opera House Bridge into cultural skills provision for 14 – 19 year olds in Hertfordshire. Co-Director Martin Heaney will share first findings of the research in a seminar and workshop for an invited audience from the Hertfordshire arts and cultural sector in Broxbourne.

The focus of the research has been to identify gaps, needs and opportunities in cultural skills development. Particular areas of investigation have included engaging young people not in education and employment and education (NEETs) in pathways to Further Education and in progression routes from FE courses into the creative industries. The presentation will highlight areas of best practice and key perspectives on developing the sector from interviews with industry leaders.

Recent years have seen the erosion of networks and forums for professionals to develop joined-up, cross-sector approaches to education and the arts. Acknowledging this challenge, the seminar presentation will be followed by a workshop designed to encourage further discussion and map potential routes to build capacity. The workshop will also offer information on opportunities to find out more about further funding routes and partnership investment opportunities. A final research paper will be available from the end of February.

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OUR STORY part 2: Fail Again, Fail Better… Fly

Jumping out of a plane

Starting up a social enterprise is frequently compared to jumping out of a plane and making a parachute on the way down. Six months into the start-up of a Community Interest Company, HertsCreation, it feels appropriate to examine the heady mix of highs and disappointments that has accompanied our six-month existence and draw some lessons from it. We are going into 2013 with an exciting project, a pilot Youth Cultural Ambassador (YCA) Scheme with strong partners: the Royal Opera House Bridge and the Wroxham and Sir John Lawes Teaching Alliances. While we are looking forward to new relationships and revitalising old ones, there has also been learning for us in the experiment of setting up a new venture Continue reading

HertsCreation will manage Young Cultural Ambassadors programme

We are thrilled to announce that HertsCreation C.I.C will be working in partnership with The Royal Opera House Bridge, The Wroxham and Sir John Lawes Teaching Schools to deliver a Young Cultural Ambassadors programme in Hertfordshire over the next 18 months.


This morning as I look back on HertsCreation’s founding year I enjoy a rich sense of anticipation, excitement and a large degree of bounce.  January began with a surprising and exploratory conversation between Martin and I stimulated by colleagues and friends Andy D’Cruz, Vicky Wilson and Fiona Lesley.  Since then we have launched HertsCreation C.I.C through a whole school change project with Woolenwick Infants and Nursery School culminating in a twilight inset for teachers in neighbouring schools; designed and built an evolving website; legally established HertsCreation as a community interest company; opened a company bank account (and earned funds to put in it); discovered new working relationships and rekindled conversations with friends and colleagues.

Martin and I have been working together since 2009 and already  shared a way of working, understanding and values built on common experiences and the roots of practice.  As we prepared our fertile ground for HertsCreation we spent time examining, understanding and discovering the meeting of two practices and overlapping curiosities to drive future projects. We mulched and composted conversations, gathered thoughts, and undertook research revealing an emerging aesthetic and some key, underpinning, questions.  This is truly exciting and we look forward to sharing more on this, work, new collaborations and ideas in the year to come.  For now a big thank you to everyone who has joined us on the journey so far and we wish you a joyous and fulfilled 2013.

Martin Heaney reflects on our journey so far in his post ‘Our Story’

HertsCreation was born during a networking evening in January 2012.

As a new partnership evolved from an established working practice and strong relationships with schools, we want to make our journey visible.  Already fair winds suggests the voyage will be rich in both ideas and collaborative partnerships.  Click the link to read what Martin has to say about our story so far

The future of collaborative practice

HertsCreation’s Martin Heaney wrote an article on the future of collaborative practice published in the June edition of Arts Professional.  In it he references an exhibition held by Alex McIntyre and Vicky Wilson following their residency with Brent Museum and Archives.  The HertsCreation story began here following a networking evening for creative professionals.

Click on the link to read the article

Our Place / Your Place, a collaborative exhibition featuring poetry by Vicky Wilson and drawings and sculpture by Alex McIntyre