OUR STORY part 2: Fail Again, Fail Better… Fly

Jumping out of a plane

Starting up a social enterprise is frequently compared to jumping out of a plane and making a parachute on the way down. Six months into the start-up of a Community Interest Company, HertsCreation, it feels appropriate to examine the heady mix of highs and disappointments that has accompanied our six-month existence and draw some lessons from it. We are going into 2013 with an exciting project, a pilot Youth Cultural Ambassador (YCA) Scheme with strong partners: the Royal Opera House Bridge and the Wroxham and Sir John Lawes Teaching Alliances. While we are looking forward to new relationships and revitalising old ones, there has also been learning for us in the experiment of setting up a new venture Continue reading


Martin Heaney reflects on our journey so far in his post ‘Our Story’

HertsCreation was born during a networking evening in January 2012.

As a new partnership evolved from an established working practice and strong relationships with schools, we want to make our journey visible.  Already fair winds suggests the voyage will be rich in both ideas and collaborative partnerships.  Click the link to read what Martin has to say about our story so far https://hertscreation.com/our-story/